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Friday, August 19, 2016

I Think We Will Go Naked ....OOPS ....Natural

 OK well what I really mean is my gourds are going Naked ....Oops Natural at least the ones that have the BEAUTIFUL Marbled finish  of their own , but Not all of them have a Beautiful Natural finish!


 When your  gourds are growing in the garden , there is really not a lot you have to do to take care of them. They just vine all over the place and make their own way in the garden ! Now if you really want to get technical your can go out and pollinate your own flowers but that's for a different blog story.   The SOIL is the key to a GREAT gourd garden .!  But at the end of the growing season DO NOT PICK THEM you leave them right where they lay until spring  and by then most of them  have fallen or wilted off the vines  and they should be all nasty looking MOLDY  and the more they are molded  that means that the gourd has gone full circle and usually the more moldy the thicker the gourd ! I have had customers tell us that they were all molded and threw them away  NO  not unless they have collapsed or caved in or you can put your finger through them then they are rotten and THROW them away !!

But when they mold just right when you wash them off you see very often a BEAUTIFUL  MARBLEIZED  mold pattern.  Sooooooo hence the idea to just paint a few of them on the natural  gourd to see what they would turn out like ! 

Natural Gourd  

  We bought  and alot  this year on a quite a few of them  ( we still have 6 more giant bags of gourds to clean ) we started seeing that there was some BEAUTIFUL  marbled patterns left from the mold,  Usually we paint the whole gourd with a color  then paint the design on them . Here's a few samples below " the Blue one I painted below with Colorful Hydrangeas is very similar to the one I painted on the Natural Birdhouse gourd with Bright Hydrangeas ... 

Gourd painted with Blue  Surface

side view

Natural Gourd with Hydrangeas
 We put a post on our Facebook page  asking what people think , 

Both side by side
We really like both of them , but I get really picky about the plain gourd, I won't use them for a Natural look unless it has a NICE marbling going around on it .I'm sure we will continue to do both .We put a post on our Facebook page -inmypaintedgarden- asking what people liked better The Natural painted with a design or The all painted one with the design painted on it .
So please leave a comment below and tell us what you think Natural or Painted ? PLEASE HELP >>>OUR  CUSTOMERS OPINION MATTERS !

 Thank You for stopping by our blog and we hope you enjoyed it ! Please comeback again !
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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Trip To The Gourd Farm

This is Larry Eckler the owner 
 What a GREAT weekend for a trip to the " Gourd  Farm"  I had called a couple of days ahead of time to make sure they would be open  and to make sure he would have plenty of the gourds that we use the most ! As you can see yes they did and even more !!  We have been going to the same gourd farm since I first started painting gourds  
" Eckler Farms " . The first couple of years we were able to go to his farm during harvest time, at that time you are able to go out in the fields and pick what ever was ready (which was almost the whole 4 fields ) he would drive us around drop us off we would make piles of what we wanted then he would come get us and the gourds and take us to another field and we would do the same ) it was so much fun !! Besides being fun he taught us alot about gourds about seeds, growing them and about harvesting the gourds !  The moldier the better !!


But  since we moved to Tennessee , the pictures I post of my gourd garden here are beautiful ! They vine all over the place with lots of flowers and gourds but my gourds are thin the whole gourd I think I have had maybe 4 or 5 good ones  ! I only use quality gourds! The area where we live in middle Tennessee is more slate than soil and gourds need a sandy type soil .

So therefore we take a trip when needed usually once a year because Ecklers have Great quality gourds ! ( I will post a link to his website below )  So we took a trip to his farm  it was a Beautiful weekend and when we got there Larry Eckler came and greeted us and showed us where all the specialty gourds were like eggs and mini bottles and well you can see in the pictures All the gourds we had to choose from ! He had bins and bins of all sorts of gourds like martins, large bottles. apples canteens,  snake , swans,. Then in side one of the barns were cleaned apples, eggs, long handle dippers .

Egg Gourds
This green house had soo many egg gourds that seemed to stretch on for well...you can see for yourself it doesn't seem to end . In the picture below is a bin full of clean dried apple gourds

Cleaned Apple gourds 

Those are long handled dipper gourds 
Also in the same barn next to the apples were the cleaned  long handled dippers ( We haven't really tried to make anything out of the dippers yet )

A bin full of mini bottle gourds

In these pictures here I had taken them inside one of the big barns and all the bins were full. In the background there outside this barn are many green houses and my husband & son decided to  check it out. It was full of GIANT Hot House tomatoes. They also sell a variety of vegetables and seeds ,

 Here are just a few of the gourds we were setting aside as we were picking what we wanted and needed. Unless you  have crates and a trailer which we don't he asks that you bring your own garbage bags or what  ever is needed for what you buy!

a bushel  of gourd eggs 

 Larry Eckler s Farms is well known and when we were there many many customers for the fresh vegetables !

My husband loading up and tying up the gourds for the trip home.

 We had a GREAT Big haul of those BEAUTIFUL Gourds that are now ours for us to make our creations for y'all !
But after you go to the gourd farm you  still have to clean ALL of the  big gourds we brought home . So we decided to fill this little pool we had with water and let the gourds soak in the water so it would be easier to clean all the mold off  
Then we sat there with scouring pads and started scouring the gourds clean. Believe me it takes a while to scrub all the mold off of them . For the little bottle and egg gourds I usually  (unless it's nice out ) will fill up the kitchen sink and scour them clean, But usually the ornamental gourds are not as moldy at all as the big ones !!  YES I sanitize my sinks after I use them for my gourds..
After the cleaning is the cutting and primer ...that's what your looking at in the picture below .
It's Fun to use gourds as our painting canvas but it takes alot to get to that point as you can see. The cleaning and cutting is the hard work of it ALL it is Very time consuming but after all that it is WORTH it to us ! All in all it was a Great Trip, A Beautiful weekend! We were able to get stocked up for another year of hopefully making Unique , Fun , One Of A Kind Birdhouses, Bird feeders  and what ever else we decide to come up with .
We hope you enjoyed viewing our trip to Ecklers Farms . Please stop by our Etsy Shop and check out our Creations !



Saturday, May 7, 2016

In My Painted Gardens New Garden Duds

 We decided it was time that we invested in some shirts  and hats for us to wear at our shows and around town to..... well you know....put us out there...and if anyone decides they like the shirts and hats we have a few extra shirts they sent the wrong size so...and will order more ..but for now We have ours to wear !

These are the hats one is white and one is khaki ,they have adjustable straps in the back and we really like them !

Large imageLarge image

We have not gotten the " hoodie " yet but these are next on our list !These long sleeve shirts are also on our list of  clothing  that we would love to purchase before the fall 

We order All our business related items from Vistaprint. We have ordered from them from the beginning and we have never had any problems  ! They ship Fast, Never have we had a problem if for some reason the order was not right ( for instance on the size,the girl that I talk with said the shirts ran pretty much to size so I normally wear a medium  so I ordered but the shirts I was inquiring about were very  form fitting needless to say I needed a large I called them they apologized and sent me two large shirts and got them two days later ) GREAT SERVICE !! We have ordered business cards,letter heads,flyers,envelopes, car door magnets signs, coffee mugs , pens,paper,   you name it  !! Yep and our new business duds . we will drop you the link below and maybe mention us PLEASE.. Although you probably have already heard of Vistaprint  if not I encourage you to check them out.  
Tell Us What You Think ??

                                                        UntilThe Next Time,

Here's the link to Vistaprint ;      http://www.vistaprint.com