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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Lets Get 1000 Likes

Here we go ...We have 888 Likes and are 112 likes away from !,000 So we are going to have some giveaways..
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COMMENT - If your name is picked which gift would you pick from the pictures ( your choice of an ornamental gourd or your choice of Salt & Pepper Shakers )
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When we hit 950 we will gather all the names of the people who completed the first 3 steps and draw the first winner !
Then when we hit 1000 we will gather All the names again of the people who completed the first 3 steps and draw the Final Prize !



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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

OH MY .... Did You Say Wood ...

 I  started out by just buying and collecting old wood items for another medium to paint on along with doing my gourds and this is just a small portion of what I have. I have gone to many garage sales in fact the kids table and chairs above I had picked up years ago in Michigan they were all just plain wood, we also brought a stack of old barn windows with us when we moved.  So I my husband if he would get the table and chairs out for m because I decided it was time to paint them . Yes while he was getting the table I had him get some windows out for me

The windows frames were all painted at one time with white that was now all chipping off  or better said  "very weathered " !  They also needed some caulking around the glass .
 So my hubby took the windows and sanded and caulked  and cleaned them up for me so I could paint the base coat and embellished them with all the flowers and leaves. With all the beautiful flowers and leaves in our world  to choose from but I can only paint so many.

So I  chose to paint one window with some pink Roses and the other with Sunflowers. So I started out on one corner with the leaves then stand  back and take a look at it again to decide if I was going to paint Roses and Sunflowers and leaves in all four corners then I just went on from there...

          I also found this shelf at a yard sale it was a long one and I fell in LOVE  it.had four pegs for hanging whatever you would like and  hearts in the middle. I decided I would stick to the  same theme as the windows and painted them with the chalky Blue ( I really like that color )
  I added roses and wisteria with vines and greenery.LOVE the way it turned out !

This is the childs table and chairs that I picked up in Michigan and also brought it with us when we moved to Tennessee. I wasn't sure I was going to do with it at first. It started out a natural wood , I thought about it and wanted it to be used by either a boy or a girl  ( I raised 8 boys ) so I knew I had the chalky blue and had picked up some chalky pink so had that figured out .
I used stencil Alphabet to trace then painted the traced area
My next was what to do to the table .....LIGHT  BULB MOMENT " A CHALK BOARD " and the alphabet letters around the outside of it ...as you can see in the pictures the way I did them ..

Did thisi around the whole table 

Letters all painted on ..Now to paint the chalk board on 

 These are the chairs that I had picked up to go with the children's  table.. I stripped them down took off the seats of the chairs and painted them all separate . Of course in the Blue and Pink to match the table I chose to do the outside frame of the chair in the pink and the seats and back in the blue 

The seat bottoms  removed and painted

Working on one of the chairs 

So this is what I  came up with they basically all match especially in the chalky blue paint..
This is what the finished shelf looked like  4 pegs and 3 hearts about a 4 foot shelf

I just LOVE painting on my gourds but there are many many different painting surfaces  " just about anything " !  Of course these wood hand painted items were to big to sell on our Etsy Shop . So the first place I took them was to Shabby Lane in Historic Nolensville Tennessee . We have sold our items there  since she opened up 4 years ago .and it is such a Great  Shop !  Within a couple of weeks we sold All of what you see in the picture !!

  I LOVE to paint  ! I have never taken classes and I know I am still learning everyday, for me it is therapy, relaxing, calming ,sometimes for me it is frustrating and challenging because of my RA. I have my good days and Bad days,but I Thank God for my husband John because on my bad days he ( besides doing All my cutting of the gourds ) he will jump in and help me paint , he always does the shows with me . I don't think I could do it without him !. We also couldn't & wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for All our Fantastic Customers !
  So I hope you like what we do and Please stop by our Etsy Shop  and take a look around ;

If you have any questions or comments Pleas leave a comment  I would LOVE to talk to you !!



Monday, January 1, 2018

Maple Street Bell Buckle Tennessee Craft Show 2017

 This is Maple Street/Bell Buckle Arts and Crafts Show 2017 and what fun it was and always is ! The mornings are brisk as usual, still dark when we arrive, we get to park at the house on Maple St where  we set up our booths...   than the sun comes out and warms the day up and boy did the day warmed up in many ways......
The church here on Maple St. always puts on a big breakfast for anyone who want to have some breakfast to start out their day they serve biscuits & gravy , scrambled eggs, sausage patties, grits, coffee & orange juice, which they serve Saturday & Sunday of the show weekend. The Church Breakfast is by donation and believe me it's a GREAT breakfast !
As the day gets going on this Saturday morning the people start to fill the streets and Not one by one  ! Usually where there is one person starting to walk down the street there is about 10 or more crowding right along..but that is a good thing ! This show is one of the biggest in Middle Tennessee !

We have been at our spot on Maple Street in Bell Buckle since 2013 and We Love our spot !! Each year brings more and more people and alot of return customers ! The return customers say I come year after year and we love that your in the same spot ,,,or I told my friend or family member where you are located and the New customers usually say I will be back again next year - will you be in the same spot ?
Lori, Linda & Jim

Myself, Linda , John & Jim
 Then there are the other vendors who have been there for over 10 -  15 years or longer whom we look forward to seeing  every year !
We have  Jim, Linda & Lori who have sell Beautiful Quartz Stones, ALL kinds of gems & precious stone for collection or jewelry making, if your looking for it I'm sure they have it ! Jim & Linda say they are retiring this being their last year and Jim's daughter Lori will be taking it over .  He says they will be back to check things out... Sure going to miss them but I'm hoping they will miss All of us to and come around to visit.
Randy & Vicki

Then on one side of us we have Vicki and here husband Randy, they sell All kinds of metal signs and they sell a lot of them.
On the other side of us is Grandpa Jacks Concessions Food Truck. and he has some amazing fried pies ! His customers come back year after year for those fried pies and Great conversation,. His stand is family family owned and run by Jack, his wife and daughter . This is also his full time job he sets up  his truck in Fayetteville Tn everyday.

     Below sitting with me is my sister Sandy she tries to come &  help us at every show. I Love having her there with me to help or not .
my sister Sandy & Me
Our Booth 

Craft tents everywhere
These are just some of the pictures that I took as I was walking around ,,, As you can see in the picture above they have All kinds of activities for the kid..

If you are able to make it around the whole town and see everything than you are lucky.. The town of Bell Buckle is not a very big town at all ! Main street with the majority of the business is a block long, The town has old time values , it does have a new gas station/convence store on the edge of town across the train tracks and sits on a corner .

So if you have never been to the Big Craft Show in Bell Buckle, then it is a must to stop by and check  it out . If you LOVE handmade crafts as much as we do this is a GREAT craft Show not only to visit because it's a 2 day event  and actually if you want to see everything and I mean really want to see everything then it probably would take the whole 2 days !  For us being a vendor it is a good show to do we have alot of customers and even if they don't buy We  love just listening and talking to them ..

                                             We hope you enjoyed your visit to the Maple Street/Webb School/Bell Buckle Tennessee Craft Show !!