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Friday, January 13, 2017


Our Etsy Shop has GONE International !! We are now open to sell our items from our Etsy shop over seas  to Canada, United Kingdom & Australia !

So come check  us out ! Hope to see you soon !





Saturday, January 7, 2017

32nd Annual " Dickens Of A Christmas " 2016 - Franklin Tn

Well off to the 2016 - 32nd  annual Dickens Of A Christmas Festival in Franklin Tennessee ! It runs the weekend and this year it falls on Dec 10-11.  I was unable to attend the festival last year as I had just gotten out of the hospital. So this year I was bound determined to go  ! I had gone with my sister a couple of years back and she was not able to go with me this year , my husband had never been..... so guess who went with me ..... He LOVED it !  It's like stepping into the past .. Beautiful period of time, towns people dress in the Amazing dresses of the past with the large hoop skirts and the proper sometimes whimsical hats .The theme of Christmas Past, Present and Future.

The whole downtown of Franklin is shut down and the streets are lined with crafter's selling their goods .

It seemed like every time I turned around to take a picture, a Dickens Character would be walking by or standing on the street talking to somebody or taking pictures with someone ....That must be why they call it   A Dickens Christmas ....

Bob Crachet , his wife and Tiny Tim

Lots  and lots of people and crafters ! More than I remember from the last time I came here .,which was only a couple of years ago.

 They had the old fashioned  English policeman  which are called "Bobby's" and yes we saw a few of them walking around and standing on street corners ....but nobody really knew if they were present day police dressed up as a "Bobby" or if they were just dressed for the  " Dickens " Festival ....hummmm

This young mother was walking with her little boy pushing him in an old fashioned sled. They were in front of us and I stopped her and asked her if I could take a picture of them and she was just so happy that we wanted to take a picture of them.

A Group of Carolers

Jacob Marley
A Snow Opp picture !
Christmas Future

Just getting to the Dickens Festival
English Bobby's
Bronze Chimney Sweep


I hope you liked walking around with us and enjoyed the videos
of  the " Annual  Dickens Of A Christmas "  in Franklin Tennessee. It is so much fun to even just go to Historic Franklin on any given day just to walk around downtown . They have so many Unique Crafter's and yes there is definitely something for everyone !! Lots of live music from up and coming singing artist to old time Christmas caroler's  standing on corners. Dickens character's asked if you would like to be in the picture  with them.Being my husbands first time he had so much fun , he couldn't believe how the Historic town of Franklin goes all out at Christmas time and Yes he said he would be coming back next year with me !! I could see about setting up our booth there but I/We really enjoy walking around and looking at other crafter's goods.

                                                       Until The Next Time ,


Monday, November 28, 2016

Yes We Do ......Custom Orders

 We do Custom Orders ...Doesn't matter if you order something from us at a festival or if you order from us online from our Etsy Shop or from our Face book Page - In My Painted Garden, we  do Custom Orders  !  Some have been a challenge on how to do what some customers would like on a gourd and make it a birdhouse ...Actually the birdhouse is easy to do but figuring out how to do the image on the  hand painted gourd  can be a challenge but we put our heads together ( my husband & I )  and we Get -Er- Done !

This was for a customers best friend
We have alot of our Custom orders come from when we do our shows. We will watch people talk about the birdhouses , then turn around and ask us if  maybe we could make a certain gourd for them and these are just a few of the orders we have done .A lot of the orders also come of course from our Etsy Shop!

We are more than Happy to take on a challenge and see if we can produce what the customer wants. If we can figure it out & make it happen then YES we do ! But All of the ones posted here are special orders from our customers....... repeat customers and new customers !

A Big Hockey Fan  in Tennessee Ordered This Guy 
 Sometimes we amaze ourselves by the way they end up turning out and we sure hope our customers think the same that they are "Amazed " by our work ...This customer wanted a gift for Fathers Day, she asked if we might be able to do an umpire because her Dad has been one all her life. We asked her her if she might have a picture (she wanted his sun glasses on) we said he would be a character finish of him....When we delivered him up she absolutely Loved him !!

This birdhouse was for a fellow worker of my husbands   The  "One Eyed Minon"   is this mans sons favorite cartoon character so he asked my husband if we could make a birdhouse for his sons birthday present  and this is how he turned out ...We had so much fun doing him and just Love the way he turned out ....what do you think ??

This one with the Pine cone Roof is another one of our popular birdhouses , but this one takes alot more time to work on because of cutting and putting the pine cones on one by one . We Love the way these turn out , some have porch roofs, some have window roofs . Once I start on one of these there hard telling what kind of cottage I will end up with.

 This is Our latest Custom Order and it has drawn alot of attention because it looks so three dimensional....He turned out Fantastic ! We still have a few little touches left and then a couple of spray of polyurethane and a chain ....he will be already to go ...to his new home that's is ...

This was just to show you that  "We Do Custom Orders" it usually takes anywhere from 2 to 5 days from start to finish it just depends on how much work/painting has to go into the birdhouse.So if you have  SPECIAL Birdhouse that you don't see in Our Etsy Shop just email us  or message us on on Face book page..In My Painted Garden.
Please Let Us Know What You Think ...We would Love Some New Ideas ... Please Leave a Comment Below !

                                                      Until The Next Time

                                                    Happy Holidays & Happy Shopping