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Monday, November 28, 2016

Yes We Do ......Custom Orders

 We do Custom Orders ...Doesn't matter if you order something from us at a festival or if you order from us online from our Etsy Shop or from our Face book Page - In My Painted Garden, we  do Custom Orders  !  Some have been a challenge on how to do what some customers would like on a gourd and make it a birdhouse ...Actually the birdhouse is easy to do but figuring out how to do the image on the  hand painted gourd  can be a challenge but we put our heads together ( my husband & I )  and we Get -Er- Done !

This was for a customers best friend
We have alot of our Custom orders come from when we do our shows. We will watch people talk about the birdhouses , then turn around and ask us if  maybe we could make a certain gourd for them and these are just a few of the orders we have done .A lot of the orders also come of course from our Etsy Shop!

We are more than Happy to take on a challenge and see if we can produce what the customer wants. If we can figure it out & make it happen then YES we do ! But All of the ones posted here are special orders from our customers....... repeat customers and new customers !

A Big Hockey Fan  in Tennessee Ordered This Guy 
 Sometimes we amaze ourselves by the way they end up turning out and we sure hope our customers think the same that they are "Amazed " by our work ...This customer wanted a gift for Fathers Day, she asked if we might be able to do an umpire because her Dad has been one all her life. We asked her her if she might have a picture (she wanted his sun glasses on) we said he would be a character finish of him....When we delivered him up she absolutely Loved him !!

This birdhouse was for a fellow worker of my husbands   The  "One Eyed Minon"   is this mans sons favorite cartoon character so he asked my husband if we could make a birdhouse for his sons birthday present  and this is how he turned out ...We had so much fun doing him and just Love the way he turned out ....what do you think ??

This one with the Pine cone Roof is another one of our popular birdhouses , but this one takes alot more time to work on because of cutting and putting the pine cones on one by one . We Love the way these turn out , some have porch roofs, some have window roofs . Once I start on one of these there hard telling what kind of cottage I will end up with.

 This is Our latest Custom Order and it has drawn alot of attention because it looks so three dimensional....He turned out Fantastic ! We still have a few little touches left and then a couple of spray of polyurethane and a chain ....he will be already to go ...to his new home that's is ...

This was just to show you that  "We Do Custom Orders" it usually takes anywhere from 2 to 5 days from start to finish it just depends on how much work/painting has to go into the birdhouse.So if you have  SPECIAL Birdhouse that you don't see in Our Etsy Shop just email us  or message us on on Face book page..In My Painted Garden.
Please Let Us Know What You Think ...We would Love Some New Ideas ... Please Leave a Comment Below !

                                                      Until The Next Time

                                                    Happy Holidays & Happy Shopping


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

2016 - Maple St - Webb School - Bell Buckle TN Fall Festival

What A GREAT BEAUTIFUL weekend it was for a FALL Festival !! Light sweatshirt in the morning and in the afternoon a T-shirt..We were back with all of our fellow vendors and a few new ones added to our area .My husband and my sister Sandy came and helped. We went over on a Thursday evening to set up and was looking forward to seeing Miss Susan & her hubby Joe that's who's property we are set up on. GREAT people !!
As everybody was opening up 
Our Tent 

We came back and finished setting up , there were so many vendors in the small town of Bell Buckle  that everybody had to maneuver around each other to get to their spots , but lucky for us the vendors of Susan & Joe get a parking spot on their property also .Which makes it great for  her vendors, we have a place to pull into  , can drop our tent and things off and then go park . They are such nice people , they make sure you have what you need & if you need anything or have a problem consider it taken care of. They even pitch in and help and Love talking to them !! I met them 4 years ago she had an open spot and put me there and we have been there ever since ...

Yes this side of the street is called the Webb School Show.The other side of the street which we were on was called the Maple Street Show and then YES there is another part called the Downtown Show,! Whew... But I'm sorry we never made it to the Downtown  Show to take pictures this year , but if you look at last years blog post there are pictures of downtown. We were just to busy this year to do to much walking around.

 Most of these pictures were taken as we were walking all around the town. Also these pictures are a combination of the weekend of Saturday and Sunday the two days of the show. It's always a Great show, the 4 years we have done this it has been the kind of weekend you want for a Fall Craft Show with crisp mornings and nice sunny afternoons that just had a touch of warmth ...to warm for a jacket .

Yep that would be my hubby sitting there 

Just a few pictures of our set up inside our tent 

It was so Great to walk around and see all these people who were also enjoying what they came to enjoy a FANTASTIC Fall Festival....

On Saturday and Sunday Morning the church on Maple Street puts on a nice breakfast of  sausage patties ,scrambled eggs, grits, biscuits, gravy, orange juice ,coffee and milk. The town Boy Scouts are greeting you and putting on a fund raiser of selling Delicious Krispy Cream Donuts......yummy !!

There's my hubby, our son Dustin and his wife Jessica 

My husband caught me in an early morning picture ...oh well 

If you want food...there's All kinds which I'm sure you know at any type of festival or fair, food  is also a must ! If you also notice there are familiar foods like burgers , hot dogs and fries...but then there's the unusual foods and LOTS of Fried deserts 

No Shortage Of Food Choices Here...maybe too many

Busy Shoppers
All in All it was a Fantastic Weekend ! We had alot of return customers, met alot of New customers and even a few people who had been to Shabby Lane in Historic Nolensville and asked me " you sell at Shabby Lane" don't you and I said yes , we have bought  your thing from there "We just Love that store " !
Needless to say it made us feel GREAT to know that our work is recognized and bought over at Shabby Lane , Then buy  also again from me at the Maple Street Fall Festival !
We just Love doing the big Craft Show on Maple Street 9n Bell Buckle Tennessee...Hope to see you there next year..Clear Your Calenders For the middle of October to come to BEAUTIFUL Tennessee!

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                                                     Happy Thanksgiving,